Writting Pad – Write Clear Redo Repeat

More Room to create. On the Go.
Writing Pad comes with customized LCD film with a screensize of 8.5″ strikingly clear display. Combining the experience of writing on traditional paper / slate with the smooth LCD screen.

One Stylus Many Styles
Seamless swap between different stroke sizes by varying the amount of pressure applied. In-bix stylus to style your true creativity from doodling to making quick notes.


Easy on The Eyes
The screen emits no ligh and mimics the appearance of ink on paper, preventing eye fatigue after extended use. Safe for children to use for their daily doodling.




Instill Creativity

Easy grip for children and adults. Weighing lighter than 5gms Writing pad stylus can be easily gripped. The Stylus is presessure sensitive allowing you to create different shades with every stroke. They stylus also comes with slide and attach mechansim for easy access.



Tap for Clean Slate

Easily clear the screen and start creating something new immediately.








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